Feed your family well and support your local communityPeace of mind is everything. That’s why every order is planet-friendly, supports local chefs, and gives you back precious time. It’s the trifecta.
Ready for the easiest meal planning routine ever?
Dinner Plate
Simple planning
Planning on your terms is easy without a subscription. Menus for the upcoming week open on Monday. Orders close Sunday evening.
Spaghetti Pan
Reliable delivery
To ensure freshness and the highest quality, our chefs deliver food daily. Our delivery window is between 4-6 PM. Just heat your meal in the oven or microwave and enjoy.
Delivery Bike
Sustainable packaging
Every meal comes in an eco-friendly container. Bonus: leave your cooler bag outside your door at your next delivery, and we’ll pick them up.
When do I order?
How will my food arrive?
When will my food arrive?
Where do you deliver?
How does pricing work?
Who are the chefs?
Is the packaging sustainable?
Can I make substitutions or special requests?
What if I have an allergy or food sensitivity?
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