Bringing joy back to dinner time
We have served over 5,000 meals in the Peninsula. 97% of GatherMade families would recommend us to a friend!

We could wax poetic about our neighborhood chefs and their delicious food ALL day, but don't just take our word for it, the whole neighborhood's talking…
I'm a teacher and my husband is a paramedic, so we are beyond burnt out and SO excited to discover this service. You are making a difference with this company and giving people the gift of time and energy! I can't even tell you what this means for my self-care and mental health. Thank you!
Tracy B.
We are so thrilled to have found GatherMade and feel so lucky. I have been dying to find a meal service like this that cuts out the cooking but still tastes fresh and homemade. Take out was getting so old and we wanted food that was healthy and felt homemade. This is the real deal.
Rachel G.
You've made our lives easier, but more importantly, the chefs' food has brought us joy - a dinner time scarcity when you work full-time with two kids. It gives us a sense of adventure, but from home.
Tian L.
I'm really loving GatherMade. It feels like there's such care and pride in the meals, like every chef really wants the customers to love what they've cooked for them.
Mary B.
There is no stress with GatherMade. I know that in 20 minutes I will have dinner on the table with no dishes and no guilt about an unhealthy choice either.
Michelle W.
We're so grateful we found this offering - literally been life saving for us as life is crazy and hectic these days!
Emily T.
We welcomed our first baby 7 weeks ago, so I can't say enough how lovely it was to have something other than take-out that didn't involve a mad rush tag-team to cook and clean up. We absolutely loved the meal, it was delicious and the first in a while that wasn't stressful for us!
Carissa B.
The food tonight was perfect. It's something my mom would make. It tasted great but was also healthy. The portions were perfect - I love that the chefs didn't skimp. 100% more convenient than cooking or even take out!! We will be reordering ASAP!
Rachel G.
Place your order for next week by Sunday night!
The meal was phenomenal, compliments to the chefs! This may be the only time my husband has ever asked for seconds of salad, and the lasagna was fantastic! As new parents, we need ease and good quality dinners at a reasonable price point. This was just that!
Stormy S.
This was one of the best meals I've had in months, better than any restaurant, and we eat out a lot! I feel so fortunate to have found you. It was like having our own personal chef. We may have you cooking all our meals!
Cecilia S.
My first meals were all absolutely incredible. Nothing was leftover!!! I can't wait for tomorrow's meals, plus I want tonight's meal again! Please thank the chefs - Jonathan and Mary did amazing!
Jonathan F.
As a working mama with two littles, GatherMade is exactly what we have been dreaming about. Our meals have been so amazing. I'm already sharing with friends, we love this service!
Julia P.
GatherMade feels like I'm part of a community that is supporting each other, and like a family of chefs and parents. This is such a key part of why I love it - other services feel so anonymous and transactional.
Jordan R.
Please let Chef Mary know that those were the best ribs I've EVER had in my life. The whole family loved them. And Chef Ginny makes the best muffins I've ever had, hands down.
Mary B.
Tonight's meal was delicious and soothing like only homemade food can be. Great salsa, cute tortillas, indulgent carnitas, and even fresh chips. And then there was her card and the cookies! I mean too much. I'm going to bed happy.
Liza R.
It feels so amazing to disconnect from the computer, open the fridge, and see that the GatherMade meal is in there and ready to go. It is the BEST feeling, it is like Christmas every day.
Alejandra D.
Meet the amazing chefs who make it all happen!